Radiant Desire is a candle that empowers women to find their sensual and beautiful selves. As women, we can be hard on ourselves when it comes to our looks as we are bombarded with unrealistic expectations of what others think is beautiful. We tend to look at what's "lacking" - either we are not pretty enough, tall enough, short enough, thin enough, curvy enough, the list goes on. While it may seem easy to say, "it's okay, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes," the missing part in all this is permission from ourselves to see the radiant flame of desire within that gets lost in the midst of conflicting messages from society. As you light this candle and gaze into the soft flame of radiant desire, say to yourself, “I give myself permission to embody my sensual and beautiful self.” 


“Look into the nature of desire, and there is boundless light.” -Padmasambhava (Yogi)



Black Currant + Merlot

100% Soy Wax - 15 oz

Hand poured in San Bernardino, CA



@Jordan Tremaine_



This special edition set of candles was made to celebrate women’s empowerment by recognizing different aspects of the fire that burns bright in all women.  We all have a flame inside of us, shining bright to give us a sense of purpose, keeping us warm when it's cold out, and helping us to inspire others. As you breathe in the soothing scents and gaze into their illuminating flames, ask yourself, “What do I need to spark my flame?”

Radiant Desire

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