BOUNDARIES is a candle that empowers women to be strong in their boundaries. As women, this can be particularly tough as we feel pressure to set clear boundaries, but not be so firm that our assertiveness is misinterpreted as aggressiveness. As you gaze into the protective flame of BOUNDARIES and breathe in the nurturing scent of magnolia combined with the earthy scent of Frankincense, say to yourself, "I give myself permission to say No." 


“NO. Is a complete sentence.” - Anne Lamot (writer)



Magnolia + Frankincense

100% Soy Wax - 15 oz

Hand poured in San Bernardino, CA






This special edition set of candles was made to celebrate women’s empowerment by recognizing different aspects of the fire that burns bright in all women.  We all have a flame inside of us, shining bright to give us a sense of purpose, keeping us warm when it's cold out, and helping us to inspire others. As you breathe in the soothing scents and gaze into their illuminating flames, ask yourself, “What do I need to spark my flame?”


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