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  • What is the best burning method?
    The best burn time for our candles is in 3-4 hour increments. Also be sure to trim your wick to 1/4” before each lighting. Make sure that the melt pool reaches the edges of the candle before extinguishing - otherwise your candle will not burn evenly the next time you light it. Make sure to keep the candle away from children, pets, and any drafts.
  • How fragrant are Black Box Candles?
    Black Box candles use the maximum fragrance allowed in soy wax. The 9 oz candle can fill a room up to 200-300 square feet, but is best used in a room such as a bathroom, bedroom, or dining room (somewhere not as open).
  • How long will my candle burn?
    Black Box candles last for 30-40 hours when burned in 2-3 hour increments. If you keep your wick trimmed it can last closer to 50 hours.
  • Why do my candles look blotchy?
    If you see what appears to be a "gap" between the wax and the glass, or white speckling on the edge of the candle, you're seeing what we call "spotting" or "frosting". These are both totally normal characteristics of soy wax, and frosting is in fact a good indicator that the wax is actually 100% soy wax. Frosting and spotting occur when candles are exposed to extreme temperature changes during shipment. We will never send out a candle with major frosting or spotting, but we have no control over what occurs in transit. No need to worry, frosting and spotting will in no way affect how your candles burn! Because we can't control Mother Nature, we are unable to replace candles that have frosted in transit.
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