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Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we possess. The smallest hint of fragrance can produce memories in a millisecond. Fragrance and design are carefully selected for each of our handcrafted products in order to inspire your most powerful intentions.


Mission Statement:

Black Box Candle Co.’s mission is to transform self-care interests into second nature behaviors. By igniting this inspiration through powerful senses, we hope to “de-stigmatize” wellness and self-care in order to inspire a culture that embraces individual stories through the power of community.



Vision Statement:

Black Box Candle Co. produces handmade soy candles in San Bernardino, CA. Each candle is carefully designed to evoke positive feelings and resonate with each customer. In order to lift up individuals and their communities, Black Box Candle Co.’s goal is not only to source all materials from local suppliers but also to sell through local retailers.


In addition, Black Box Candle Co. will continue to gather inspiration for products to address social issues and donate proceeds back into community initiatives. Through value-driven strategies and sourcing materials that are local and sustainable, Black Box Candle Co.’s mission is to educate and transform the act of celebration through culture, self-care, and community. 

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